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We’re hosting a new “30 Days of Discipleship” series! The goal of this series is to share with you as much quality discipleship content as possible every day for 30 days, starting today.

And we want your help–that’s what will make this great!

Join the 30 Days of Discipleship Series this way:

On Twitter

  • Follow the Twitter story by clicking here: #30discipleship
  • Contribute to the story by tweeting: “[insert your favorite discipleship resource] #30discipleship”

On Facebook

  • Follow the Facebook story by clicking here: #30discipleship
  • Contribute to the story by using the hashtag on Facebook: “[insert your favorite discipleship resource] #30discipleship”

By Email

  • Send an email to Geary Tanner, and share with us your best discipleship resource!


Our Commitment

We’ll deliver great content every day, so join us!

You’ve only got 30 Days of Discipleship to join our 30-day series, so make sure to contribute! Feel free to tag us on Twitter here or on Facebook here!

Ready, set, go!

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10 thoughts on “Join 30 Days of Discipleship

  1. Herb Hodges of spiritual life ministries, Germantown, Tn.
    “Looking through the eyes of a Discipler-Maker – Vol 2.

  2. Our church is a disciple making church.
    Would love to receive emails and pass them on to encourage others.
    Thanks for the ministry

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