2015 National Discipleship Forum

Hosted by Discipleship.org will be held April 27-28, 2015 at Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa, FL. It will feature: Bobby Harrington (Discipleship.org), Jim Putman (Real Life Ministries), Robert Coleman (author), K.P. Yohannan (Gospel for Asia) and others, presented by Discipleship.org.

Some of the country’s top discipleship leaders come together for a unique forum to talk personal discipleship framed by elements of personally knowing Jesus. The topics will range from being led by the Holy Spirit, to spiritual formation, to prayer and spiritual practices.

Exponential Forums give you an opportunity to pull up a “front-row” seat and listen in on candid conversation between experienced leaders as they focus on key tension points centered on topics foundational to church planting and movement making. In a unique ”living room” environment, these leaders (and friends) are coming together to learn from and sharpen each other as they exchange their stories, personal struggles and challenges, and their best “what I’d do differently” hindsights. As they share, we learn. Then, get ready to be part of the discussion in an extended small group, interaction time. Ask your questions, share your stories and learn together!

Each Forum at Exponential is designed to explore these common tensions (not resolve them) and lead to accelerated change in your leadership and ministry. The new format will feature a short “TED talk” style presentation on a key tension point led by one leader followed by focused discussion as leaders share their own experiences (including wins and failures), ask each other clarifying questions, engage in vulnerable conversation and offer practical, proven ideas for navigating challenges—with the goal of creating healthy tension, thought-provoking dialogue and ultimately, deeper learning and action.


Experienced discipleship leaders engaging each other in candid conversation in a “living room” environment.

Focused discussion on the what it means for a disciple to know Jesus and help others to personally know Jesus

A heartfelt exchange of personal stories, struggles and hindsight reflections–intimate conversation you won’t hear anywhere else.

Highly interactive small group time to share and discuss the insights that arise.

Schedule of Events:

Monday, April 27th from 1 PM – 6 PM
Tuesday, April 28th from 8 AM – 11:30 AM

To register for this event click here.

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