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Randy Pope, Founder of Life on Life Ministries

Life on Life Ministries hosted the track called, “Life on Life Missional Discipleship” at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum.

Download all the breakout sessions for this track for free by clicking here.

Life on Life Ministries Breakout Sessions: Track 5

  • 5.1: Jesus’ Strategy for Developing Leaders through Life on Life Missional Discipleship
  • 5.2: Targeting the Heart in Discipleship, Not Just Behaviorism
  • 5.3: FORUM: How Can a Pastor Balance Between Pastoring and Equipping Leaders
  • 5.4: Jesus’ Strategy for Developing Leaders through Life on Life Missional Discipleship (encore)
  • 5.5: How to Use the Power of the Gospel Daily to Bring Transformation in Discipleship
    *Some sessions from the Forum are not included in the audio download

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This ministry is one of 10 other disciple making organizations who facilitated tracks at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum. The organizations at this year’s Forum were discipleFIRST, Replicate Ministries, The Bonhoeffer Project, Man in the Mirror, Life On Life Ministries, Relational Discipleship Network, Sonlife Ministries, Lionshare, Downline Ministries, and Final Command Ministries.

Click here to get all the 2016 audio files for the breakout sessions of this track and other tracks (including breakout Forum audio).

Summary of Track: Life on Life Missional Discipleship

Life on Life Ministries has the goal of bringing discipleship back to the local church, and in this track called, “Life on Life Missional Discipleship,” they take disciple makers through how they train up men and women to be both “mature and equipped.”

Although Perimeter Church, out of which Life on Life Ministries came, was rated as one of the 10 most innovative churches in America, Randy Pope, who is the Senior Pastor at Perimeter and founder of Life on Life, thought their church was given more credit than due them, so he took a step back and looked at how his church was really doing. The fruit of that time of discovery is now present in their ministry.

This track includes their key findings and ministry material.

Session one gives an introduction to Jesus’ strategy for developing leaders through “Life on Life Missional Discipleship.” Session two teaches leaders to make disciples from the heart, without creating “behaviorism.” Session three is a discussion Forum in which leaders deal with the balance between pastoral responsibility and the need to equip leaders. Session four is an encore presentation of the first session called, “Jesus’ Strategy for Developing Leaders through Life on Life Missional Discipleship.” The final session discusses the importance and power of the Gospel of Jesus to bring change in the hearts of men and women.

From session two Monte Starkes says,

What does it mean to go after the heart? What is the heart? What’s the important part of the heart? And did Jesus do this?”

Let me ask you this question: If someone were to come to you, Christian or non-Christian, and say, ‘Who is God like?’ ‘What is God like?’ How would you answer that?

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we knew how God did ministry? Like if God came to earth and did stuff with us? Wouldn’t it be pretty cool to know what he did? Oh, he did come to earth and it was Jesus. So look at the heart of Jesus.”

Listen to all the audio for this track here.

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