Jim Putman and Relational Discipleship Network hosted the track called, “Relational Discipleship” at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum.

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Relational Discipleship Network Breakout Sessions: Track 6

  • 6.1: What Does God Say About the Importance of Relationship?
  • 6.2: The DNA Of A Disciple Making Church
  • 6.3: FORUM: Alignment Forum – Aligning in 4 Key Areas to Be a Disciple Making Church
  • 6.4: Creating A Disciple Making Culture – Define IT
  • 6.5: Reproducible Disciple Making Process – Know Where Your People Are Spiritually and What to Do Next
    *Some sessions from the Forum are not included in the audio download

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This ministry is one of 10 other disciple making organizations who facilitated tracks at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum. The organizations at this year’s Forum were discipleFIRST, Replicate Ministries, The Bonhoeffer Project, Man in the Mirror, Life On Life Ministries, Relational Discipleship Network, Sonlife Ministries, Lionshare, Downline Ministries, and Final Command Ministries.

Click here to get all the 2016 audio files for the breakout sessions of this track and other tracks (including breakout Forum audio).

Summary of Track: Relational Discipleship

The Relational Discipleship Network (RDN) is based out of Post Falls, Idaho. They are a group of liked-minded disciple making churches that relationally support each other through coaching, training, and equipping. Their track at this year’s Forum is all about relational discipleship.

The first session, “What Does God Say About the Importance of Relationship?” has to do with the biblical foundation for relational discipleship. They believe that relational discipleship is evident in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This session answers the “why?” question. In session two, “The DNA Of A Disciple Making Church” deals with the essential elements of a church that makes disciples who make disciples.

In the third session, called “Alignment Forum – Aligning in 4 Key Areas to Be a Disciple Making Church”, Jim Putman and his team discuss the four main areas of alignment: theological, philosophical, relational, and organizational structure alignment.

Session four, “Creating A Disciple Making Culture – Define IT” deals with the definition of the culture of disciple making. The final session, “Reproducible Disciple Making Process”, helps disciple makers know where people are spiritually and what to do with them next in their walk with God.

While some of the audio available for download on Discipleship.org/forum-audio was adapted from the Relational Discipleship media catalog (due to technical problems at the Forum), the audio sessions available from this Forum coincide with RDN’s core content about making disciples.

During the track Forum session, Jim Putman said,

Alignment is the highest priority. One of the roles of a Senior Pastor is to lead toward alignment — to detect a lack of alignment and fight for alignment. That’s why Paul, in every letter, is detecting and talking about a lack of alignment.

Every step of the way, he’s fighting for alignment, because Jesus prayed for alignment.

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