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  1. Influential leaders have compelling beliefs, convictions, and a vision for God’s church.

Networks are started by influential leaders with a broad reach. Think of people like Alexander Campbell, John Wesley, or, in our time, Shodankeh Johnson (in Sierra Leone). These are visionary men, strong, bold and full of faith. They are essential for large-scale networks. These leaders form a team of leaders, and together, they inspire and draw followers. National leaders are the primary vision casters of the movement. You can find out about the Renew Leaders speaking at church leaders launch October 24thby going to renew.org

  1. Influential leaders join together and articulate their beliefs, convictions, and vision as the DNA of the Network.

National leaders create or synthesize DNA. Then each network is built around that specific DNA. A prime sign of a true network leader is their strong sense that what they believe is right, uniquely right, and life changing – and that it must be propagated or spread to others. For a network, the DNA becomes the most fundament building block. Relational circles are then built around the DNA. Again, for Renew, it is Biblical Christianity and Jesus-style disciple making (articulated in Renew leadership documents).

  1. An expanding number of people build shared relational connections around the DNA of the Network.

Everyone in the network shares life and resources. No one ministers alone. The sharing (which is true koinonia) involves the sharing of money, training, personal support, cutting edge resources and general kingdom-life. Without relationships, networks cannot function. By relationships, networks thrive. Renew will seek to catalyze both macro (large scale) and micro (small scale) relationships coming out of their church leaders launch on October 24th.

  1. Network members focus on the mission of spreading the DNA through word and deed.

The sense of God’s mission drives the network. The truths of the kingdom, the gospel and Jesus show us that the stakes could not be higher. Making disciples and renewing and planting churches is the ultimate mission. It is reflected in service and love to all people. Jesus’ kingdom is the best thing any person can ever enter into and Renew wants to give everyone in the world a chance to join.

  1. Networks come together at national (macro) and local (micro) levels.

Large Networks have both a national and a local presence. People want to be a part of something grand, national, even international. Coming together at least once a year in a big group is desirable. It is a craving for an annual pilgrimages, like the ancient Israelites coming to Jerusalem for Pentecost. The network focus, however, is decentralized and concentrates on local micro-networks. Spiritual Renewal requires a high level of personal and relational support and a network is ideally suited to provide it. At Renew’s national leadership gathering they will introduce people to a limited number of micro networks. In the future they hope that they can expand to many church leaders.

  1. Coaches guide the local (micro) networks.

The real life change that happens in networks typically occurs at a local or personal level. It is in face-to-face gatherings where people know each other by name. Network coaches provide support and guidance for the smaller group. These “catalysts” provide guidance for fellow church leaders. Renew coaches will help the church leaders in their micro groups to integrate the principles of Biblical Christianity and Disciple making into their personal lives and ministries.

  1. The network thrives by using leading edge communication tools.

Communication was greatly enhanced by Roman roads in the first century and by Gutenberg’s printing press in the 1400s. Advances in communication technology continue. People can instantly read posts that friends who are miles away posted just a few minutes ago. Church leaders can see one another face-to-face and talk through problems on the internet, even though they are in different states and countries. The internet is here to stay. Print publications are dying – websites, social media, and online videos are thriving. Renew will seek to utilize leading edge technology through the best means possible.

You are invited to join with Renew. The vision is the same vision Jesus gave us in Revelation 7:9 – I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They look forward to the realization of this vision through the efforts of countless people in space and time, including theirs.

To learn more about Renew Network visit renew.org

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