Our churches are often suffering from a lack of fully-formed disciples because, in part, there is a large divide in our thinking — a divide between evangelism (the announcing that God has made a way back to him) and discipleship (the intentional guiding of others’ lives to trust and follow Jesus).

We believe this is is a false dichotomy. Most don’t realize that the words “evangelism” and “discipleship” are not actually in the Bible. They are words that we use to describe sharing the gospel with lost people (evangelism) and helping Christians to become more like Jesus (discipleship).

But the problem is deeper … as traditionally understood, evangelism without discipleship often creates a shallow, short-lived faith, while discipleship without evangelism can create a sterile faith.

The expression “disciple making” is drawn from the exact words in Matthew 28:19-20 and it encompasses both evangelism and discipleship, but in a more vibrant connection. In disciple making, those sharing the gospel and those helping Christians to become more like Jesus are engaged in the same ministry. And people need both to grow in healthy ways.

And while I hope it changes, a lot of churches still don’t get disciple making…oftentimes reducing it to a program or curriculum.

Disciple making is what Jesus modeled for His disciples.

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What we’re saying is that churches are often in crisis due to the disconnection between evangelism and discipleship.. If your church’s health is measured only by one of the two, it will suffer..

This is exactly why we created the The National Disciple Making Forum.

At the Disciple Making Forum, my team and some of the best disciple making leaders in the world share what’s working right now in disciple making and how to apply it to your church.

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—The Discipleship.org Team

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