A couple of weeks ago I was able to spend time with Dave Ferguson.

The church planting crowd might think I mean, “Exponential Dave Ferguson,” but I’m actually talking about a different Dave Ferguson.You might call him, “Relationship Dave Ferguson.” That’s because he’s a relationship expert, and he helped create a free discipleship assessment with an emphasis on relationships.

For some background, he has two earned doctorates from Oxford University (in England) focused on relationships (one in theology and the other in psychology). He co-directs the Great Commandment network and the Center for Relational Leadership. He has created a great tool …

I spent time with David when Bill Hull and I joined with the discipleship task force for the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of North America. During our meetings David shared with us this helpful tool. Let me encourage you to download it and use it to help you assess how you are doing as a disciple of Jesus. Note: this tool is another free assessment that can be used alongside the disciple maker assessment we developed last year (click here) – they assess two different aspects of discipleship. This assessment helps you to look at yourself as a disciple. It looks at 40 discipleship outcomes and focuses, as Jesus teaches us, on a relational/experiential model instead of a rational/behavioral model.

Click here to download the assessment  

Click here to learn more about David Ferguson  

Written by Bobby Harrington

Photo by Christian Spies on Unsplash

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