The Biggest Predictive Factor in Disciple Making: Spiritual Power!


Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can’t do anything”(John 15:5). Do you believe this? If you believe it, how does it show? Younoussa Djao believes it, and his life bears fruit to show it.

Younoussa leads a team that has launched 47,000 churches in Africa (and beyond), encompassing over one million new followers of Jesus in the last twelve years. Over 400,000 of these new disciples come from Muslim backgrounds.

How is this possible?

A deep and pervasive commitment to prayer and fasting is the foundation, and these practices are grounded in the unshakable conviction that God alone can make discipleship happen.

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Do you lack God’s power?
  • Do you sense you are limited by your own human wisdom and effort?
  • Do you often sense you are spiritually oppressed?

You just may need a practical teaching on fasting and prayer. Growing in these practices will help you be a disciple and make disciples of Jesus.

Dave Clayton joins with me (and many others) in a desire to see in North America what is happening with Younoussa in Africa. Dave is the founding minister of Ethos Church—a young, urban church plant in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, with thousands of members.

Join us for a free webinar on this topic Wednesday, August 22nd at 1PM Central time with Younoussa and Dave.


For Jesus’ Kingdom,

Executive Director,

P.S. Join us at the National Disciple Making Forum on October 25-26 in Nashville, TN: Click Here to register.

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