Unit Goals and Objectives

  • Goal: This unit will give you a framework for understanding disciple making tools and processes.
  • Objective: Understand the importance of discipleship tools and processes.
  • Main point: By using tools and processes, you will gain greater effectiveness in discipleship.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Lesson: 150 minutes.


1. Read

Read Chapter 6 of Bobby Harrington’s eBook Discipleship is the Core Mission of the Church: “Chapter Six: What About Non-Christians, Those Outside the Church?” (pages 29-31) by clicking here.



2. Watch

Watch the video, “Disciple Maker Tools and Processes feat. Randy Pope (2016 Nat’l Forum)” in which Randy Pope from Life On Life Ministries (and Perimeter Church) leads a discussion about disciple maker tools and processes (68 minutes) by clicking here. Participants include Kennon Vaughan, Craig Etheredge, Dann Spader, and Bobby Harrington (moderator).


3. Listen

Listen to Episode 4 of The Disciple Maker’s Podcast: “Podcast: E04: Randy Pope’s Story w/ Bob Cargo and John Otting” which is the NPR-style story of how Pope discipled two men, just a few of those he’s invested into over the last 50 years (40 min). Select your favorite podcast player by clicking here.



4. Respond

Once you’ve read the chapter, watched the video, and listened to the podcast episode, answer these questions in a group context, if possible.

  • Based on Chapter Six of the eBook, what is the place of evangelism in discipleship?
  • Do you agree with Randy Pope's distinction between disciple making and disciple training? Why?
  • What discipleship tools do you already use that you can pass on to others?
  • How can you incorporate new tools into your discipleship efforts?
  • What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do in response to this unit?
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5. Move on

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