Unit Goals and Objectives

  • Goal: This unit will give you fresh perspective on the Great Commission from Matthew 28:16-20.
  • Objective: Understand how Jesus’ last words are central to the church’s work in the world.
  • Main point: Jesus’ command to make disciples gives direction to the church.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Lesson: 160 minutes.


1. Read

Read Chapter 4 of Bobby Harrington’s eBook Discipleship is the Core Mission of the Church: “Chapter Four: What Is the Goal for Leaders and the Local Church?” (pages 20-23) by clicking here.



2. Watch

Watch the video, “A Blueprint for Making Disciples in Your Church feat. Robby Gallaty (2016 Nat’l Forum)” in which Robby Gallaty from Replicate Ministries leads a discussion about Jesus’ last words and how they need to be our first work (77 minutes) by clicking here. Participants include Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Brett Clemmer, and Bobby Harrington (moderator).


3. Listen

Listen to Episode 8 of The Disciple Maker’s Podcast: “E08: Robby Gallaty’s Story w/ Jeremy Brown and Tim LaFleur” which is the NPR-style story of Robby’s journey to faith and how two men impacted him along the way (40 min). Select your favorite podcast player by clicking here.



4. Respond

Once you’ve read the chapter, watched the video, and listened to the podcast episode, answer these questions in a group context, if possible.

  • How does discipleship change if the disciple maker is working from within a specific local church versus doing it on their own?
  • What is your primary take away from Robby's exegesis of Jesus' “last words” in Matthew 28:16-20?
  • Podcast Question: What from Robby's story do you want to replicate in your own life? (This could be something from Robby, Jeremy Brown, or Tim LaFleur's life or words.)
  • How are your disciple making efforts connected to a singular local church?
  • What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do as a response to this unit?
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5. You’re done!

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