Grow as a Disciple Maker

The Disciple Maker Assessment is an online tool to help you become more effective disciple maker.

It takes only 20 minutes to get a report on your past, present, and future effectiveness as a disciple maker.

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This assessment is based on practitioner experience and statistically sound reporting methods.

The research behind this assessment comes from Bobby Harrington of, Todd Wilson of Exponential in partnership, and Greg Wiens—with a Ph.D. in Psychometrics—of Growing Healthy Churches. They convened a group of national disciple making leaders to develop the framework for the assessment. Their focus for this assessment was helping individual disciple makers. (The assessment for whole churches is coming.)

Greg Wiens, applied his statistical expertise to this project, including three rounds of beta testing, and practitioners who shaped the assessment include Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Jim Putman, Robby Gallaty, Ralph Moore, Dave Buehring, Monte Starkes, along with other disciple making men and women.

In one sitting, you can find out where you’re at as a disciple maker and where you need to go. Click here to take it the assessment.

Once you’re done, you can download a free eBook Becoming a Disciple Maker to take your next step toward disciple making like Jesus.