Kennon_VaughanKennon Vaughan was in his third year of student ministry when he met Roy Campbell. Kennon loved God and the students, but he didn’t have the necessary training, knowledge, or maturity to lead. This became so convicting that he told the pastor at his church that he might not be the guy for the job; other guys could do it better. He was spiritually dry, struggling with his walk with Christ, and questioning his call into ministry. He was at the end of his vocational rope.

Then, he met Roy Campbell. Roy—also known as Soup—took Kennon under his wing, and the rest is history. This part, the beginning of Kennon’s story, is essential for understanding his life and the ministry he started, Downline Ministries, based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here’s Kennon on how God used Soup Campbell to change his life:


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