10-Pack Holistic Disciple Making Masterclass & Certification


You can have immediate access for you and your leaders (up to 10 in one church) to all the material from our Holistic Disciple Making Intensives.

We are calling it our Holistic Disciple Making Masterclass & Certification. You can get all the material from these in-depth discussions in both video and written form, online assessments, and’s certification.



A deep-dive into the principles of Jesus-style disciple making. Participants gain a masterclass level of understanding, and, upon course completion, a certification from

Content – this course is based upon’s 10 Affirmations and the Holistic Disciple Making Webinar series by This material is the foundation of the ministry of and was a collaborative effort by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington, Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Dann Spader, Todd Wilson, Francis Chan, Robby Gallaty and others.

Teachers – the videos (11 of them) are 60-minute recordings of Ted-style talks and live discussions on the core disciple making principles by national disciple making leaders click here to see the list.

Certification – receive a Certificate of Completion

  1. Join both group discussions
  2. Watch all 11 sessions (complete all session quizzes)
  3.  Complete both online assessments

An Outline of the Course:

  • Individual Disciple Maker Assessment
  • Church Disciple Making Culture Assessment
  • Online Group Orientation to the Assessments and the National Survey
  • 11 Recordings and Quizzes
    • Introduction: Why is Disciple Making Important Today?
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Jim Putman, Drew Hyun
    • Session 1: How to Use Scripture in Disciple Making 
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: John Plake, Brooke Hempell
    • Session 2: Effectiveness Requires Clear Definitions in Disciple Making
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: David Young, Michelle Eagle, Steve Gladen
    • Session: 3: How to Teach a Discipleship Gospel
      • Hosted by: Cindy Perkins
      • Bill Hull, Dan Leitz  Earl McKay
    • Session 4: What compels a person to be a disciple and make disciples?
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Greg Ogden, Joanne Kraft, Danny Hinton
    • Session: 5: How to Make Disciples the Way Jesus Made Disciples 
      • Hosted by: Ariyana Rimson
        Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Guindon
    • Session 6: How Love Drives Disciple Making 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Pete Scazzero, Geri Scazzero
    • Session 7: What are Disciple Making Metrics? 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Dann Spader, Craig Etheredge, Myron Pierce
    • Session: 8: Experience the Spirit’s Power in Disciple Making
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Dave Buehring, David Ferguson
    • Session 9: How to Make Disciple Making the Core Mission of the Church 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: Justin Gravitt, Steve McCoy, Alex Mata
    • Session 10: How Multiplying Disciple Makers Fuels Movements 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: Shodankeh Johnson, Daniel Im, Dave Ferguson
  • 11 Written Summaries of each session (2,500-3,000 Words)
  • eBook summary of all sessions
  • Online Group Discussion to summarize top learnings