The 7 Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle

The 7 Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle 2018-04-17T01:52:31+00:00 is committed to living the discipleship lifestyle after the ways of Jesus. If the following elements resonate with you, you may be interested in joining us for our next National Disciple Making Forum. Learn more by clicking here.



Jesus – Jesus drew people to himself. He was unabashed and clear in speaking the truth. He is the centerpiece and the focus of all discipleship. We are not discipling people into a program, we are introducing them to a person. The mission of Jesus was to give himself in love for the sake of others so that people would know him, treasure him, and promote Him and his message to others.









  • Relationships – The central impulse for explaining Jesus’ mission to others and to make disciples is love. As John 3:16 says: “For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son.” By his example, Jesus showed us that disciple making is the development of genuine life-on-life relationships motivated by Jesus-style love.
  • Intentionality – Jesus had a strategy. He had a plan, a roadmap for making disciples, what Dr. Robert Coleman calls The Master Plan. Jesus guided, coached, and developed his disciples into disciple-makers and released them, commissioning them to disciple others as Jesus had discipled them. Their disciple making work changed the world.
  • Spirit – Jesus’ life and ministry were fueled by the Holy Spirit. After living for thirty years in obscurity, Jesus began formally making disciples after the Spirit descended upon him when he was baptized. From that point forward, he remained in a constant state of openness to the Spirit.








  • Bible – The Word of God is the training manual that Jesus relied upon for all of his discipleship and teaching. As the eternal Word and the author of the Scriptures, Jesus had complete mastery over its’ contents, understanding the true meaning of the Bible and the reason why it was written.
  • Journey – Jesus led his disciples on a journey, inviting them to learn by walking with him and watching him. Though it is a disjointed growth story, it begins with his invitation to come and see and culminates with the Great Commission where they are sent to go and multiply.
  • Multiply – Jesus’ master plan was to make disciples who were like him in their message and their methods, and then to multiply them by sending them out to disciple others as they had been discipled by him.

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