Webinar: “The Making of a Disciple Making Church”

Featuring Ken Adams

Time: Thursday, July 26 at 2:00pm CST


As a senior pastor, Ken Adams led Crossroads Church in Georgia to become a church who had the number #1 objective to “be and build disciples of Jesus” with an attendance of nearly 3000 people.

Bobby Harrington of Discipleship.org will be interviewing Ken as he shares his four keys to becoming a Disciple Making Church. Join us for rich discussion on critical whys and hows for creating a church focused on disciple making.


Webinar: "The Making of a Disciple Making Church"


Ken Adams

Ken was the first pastor of Crossroads Church, Newnan, Georgia, starting in June 1989 which has the purpose to “Be and Build Disciples of Jesus Christ.” With spiritual growth as the number one objective of Crossroads—carried out through “The Disciple-Making Church Strategy”—Crossroads has grown in attendance to nearly 3000.

Ken has a passion for being a disciple of Christ and pouring his life into others who have a desire to walk as Jesus walked. Impact Discipleship Ministries was born in 2002. Since that time many churches across the country and across denominational lines have been using Impact’s resources. From discipling the brand new believer to helping people become fully developed followers of Christ, Impact has resources available to assist in spiritual growth.