Webinar: “Emotionally Healthy Discipleship”

Featuring: Peter Scazzero

Time: Wednesday, September 12th at 3:00 pm Central Time


Peter is focused on discipleship. He leads a national summit on “Emotionally Healthy Discipleship” and he also has a course and a curriculum on emotionally healthy discipleship.

He believes that emotional health is often an under-rated and hugely influential part of our development. He does not believe that knowledge, prayer, and spiritual warfare are enough. He believes that one’s emotional health is inseparable from one’s spiritual health. Stated differently, he believes that a lack of growth in emotional health leads to a lack of growth in spiritual health.

He believes that one’s life with God is the important foundation for one’s life for God (in how we serve him). He believes that experiencing God’s love is key to sharing God’s love. You can find out more about what he teaches in our discussion this week.

Loving God and loving our neighbor must go together, but being loved first comes before that.

Join us this coming Wednesday.


Webinar: “Emotionally Healthy Discipleship”



Peter Scazzero