Partner Organizations

Discipleship·org wants to help you to be a disciple and to make disciples.

Jesus-style disciple making is the greatest mission on earth—and it is the solution to almost every problem that plagues Christians and the church. We want to help you gain clarity about the dangers and the peril for Christians and Christianity when disciple making is not present. Discipleship is the core mission of the church, but it’s sadly lacking in most churches.

So, you have a big challenge. We face this challenge together. We have partners that can help you.

Discipleship·org wants to help you by introducing you to key disciple-making principles, partners, and networks. I am sharing this perspective with you because in the weeks and months that are in front of us, we will be introducing you to our partner organizations and networks that share a common commitment to Jesus-style disciple making.

The following disciple-making partners are actively involved with us as an organization to help you make disciples.

Partner Organizations

What Makes a Partner?

  • Agreed to the 10 Affirmations listed here.
  • Joined us to be a part of our national gatherings on some level
  • Most have provided financial support of this ministry
  • Contribute disciple-making resources or material