National Study: The State of Disciple Making Churches (Audiobook)

Author: Bobby Harrington


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This audio book shows that fewer than 5 percent of churches in the US have a reproducing disciple-making culture. These churches serve as models for others, but the study found a disappointingly low percentage with a culture and strategy for reproducing disciples. The study highlights the absence of viral-like disciple-making movements in the US, which are common in other parts of the world. It also points out the lack of commonly understood definitions for terms like discipleship and disciple-making, making it difficult to assess effectiveness. The summary concludes with recommendations for championing clear definitions, embracing disciple-making as the core mission of the church, developing new measures of success, and adopting effective strategies and models. There is a need for pastors and their teams to shift their focus to Jesus-style disciple-making and to promote a culture of disciple-making in their churches. Finally, this audiobook discusses the different levels of disciple-making cultures and outlines the traits of level 4 and level 5 churches. It concludes by encouraging pastors to understand their role in equipping and coaching members in disciple-making using simple and reproducible models.


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