Top Ten Forward-Thinking Trends For Disciple Making


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Every year, publishes an article covering the top disciple making trends we see currently happening, based upon the learnings of our team and the thirty-plus organizations that work with us.

Our list this year focuses on the top ten trends we urge disciples, disciple makers, and church leaders to adopt. Based upon everything we have learned and the needs we see, we are taking a prescriptive posture this time rather than the descriptive one we typically issue.

You might call this list our top ten list of exhortations for this year.



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We have seen massive calls for discipleship and disciple making. Everyone now seems to realize that Sunday mornings, whether attending in person or online, are simply not enough. It is clear that God’s people are starving for guidance, for relationships… and for substance.

Non-discipleship is now the elephant in The Church.