Well Made Well Done

Author: Doug Burrier




If you are making a bicycle, you know what an operational bicycle looks like. It has wheels, brakes, drive and steering systems, and, most importantly, a comfortable seat. Before you ship it out, you can test it to make sure it is operational. But how do you know when a disciple is well-made?

“Your success in disciple making can be measured by how many disciples continue to follow God for the right reasons and navigate the unknowns long after your influence fades.”

In Well Made Well Done, Doug Burrier uses six engaging stories to illustrate three Biblical goals for success in disciple making.

  • Prepared disciples know what to do and why to do it.
  • Confident disciples stand on their own two feet – they do it on their own.
  • Skilled disciples navigate the unknowns with confidence.

Then, Doug shares three simple strategies to achieve these disciple-making goals in any disciple-making system, in any culture, and in churches of all sizes.

If you want to get started or hone your disciple-making craft, Well Made Well Done will make you a disciple-making superhero! This is a complete e-version of the book.


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