Family Discipleship Activity: Intentional Faith

Play a Minute-to-Win-It game to talk about determination and not quitting. Give each player 25 M&M’s (or Skittles), a straw and two paper plates. Players must place a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer a pile of 25 M&M’s from one plate to another in under one minute. (Use only one hand to hold the straw.) If they can’t get all the M&M’s transferred in one minute, give them more chances to keep trying. (You may be need to adjust the number for younger kids.) When finished, talk about it and eat the candy!


  • How did you feel as you were trying to transfer the candy in one minute?
  • How did you feel when you are finally able to do it?

You were determined. What does it mean to be determined? To be determined means that you don’t give up, no matter what. You keep trying. Even when it’s hard, keep going and don’t give up!

Optional: Depending on the ages of your kids, pick an appropriate task. Stack so many blocks or Starburst pieces. Move so many cotton balls from one plate to another. Etc.

Don’t Quit

Announce that you want to play a game. Get out the game board and about halfway through the game, say, “I quit” and walk away. (The kids will be yelling, “That’s not fair! You can’t do that!”)

Come back to the table and ask:

  • How did you feel when I quit the game?
  • Why is it important to stick with something to the end?

Jesus said that a person who wants to be His disciple must stick with it. They must count the cost and be sure they are willing to follow Him. There are some who want to quit when things are hard, but a true follower of Jesus stays with Him no matter what (Luke 14:33).

Don’t forget to come back to the table and FINISH the game—even if you don’t win.

Optional: Quit any job in the middle—quit making dinner, cut half the yard and put the mower away, etc. When the kids notice, ask them why it’s important to stay with something until it’s done.

The Reward

Pick a “job” to do together as a family. (Some ideas: Organize the playroom; shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk—if you have snow; wash and vacuum the car; cook a meal for company; meet a fitness goal; etc.)

Carve out a time to do it and divide up the responsibilities between family members. Try to make it fun, if possible. See how many dirty socks you can land in the clothes basket. Hide dollars to be found around the room. Write out the chores and let each person pick one. Play music.

When you finish, share a treat and talk about the reward of intentionally working together.

How does it feel to have this big job accomplished?

  • What would have happened if no one would have helped or some would have quit?
  • Why is it important for all of us to stay with it?
  • We need to be equally committed to loving and serving God and others.

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