Four Reasons for Private Worship


Let me ask you two important questions: Do you make time for private worship in your daily life?

If not, I can relate. For the first couple of decades of my Christian life, I did not know what a time of private worship was or why it was necessary for my walk with Christ. Thankfully, I slowly discovered why having a private worship time was important and how to practice those times consistently. To this day, having a consistent private worship time has had the single greatest impact on my fellowship with God and spiritual development.

When you read the story of Moses in Exodus, you see some very important principles for how he practiced private worship and how he went about doing it. Let’s take a look at four reasons why we need to have a consistent private worship time in our lives according to his example.

1. You need direction for the journey: In Exodus 33, Moses is found leading God’s people from Egypt to the Promised Land. A trip that should have only taken a few days ends up taking 40 years. During this time, Moses regularly meets with God to gain direction for the Israelites’ journey.

2. You need distance from the distractions: In Exodus 33, Moses pitches a tent “far” outside the camp where he goes to meet with God. He called this place the “tent of meeting.” This tent was location where Moses could connect with God without distractions. We need distance from the world’s distractions, physically and metaphorically.

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3. You need information for making decisions: Moses spoke to God “face to face.” This means Moses was listening to God’s voice and making decisions based on what God was telling him. Moses was making informed decisions about how to live and lead according to the information he received from his consistent meeting times with God.

4. You need communication for a relationship: Moses is called a “friend of God” according to Exodus 33. This friendship grew because Moses was dedicated to his time alone with God. All relationships require communication, and communication takes time.

How is your private worship time? Do you have a “tent of meeting?” Do you go there and listen to God’s voice? You are on a journey, and you need a guide. Let God be your guide. Meet with Him every day and submit yourself to His leadership in your life.

By Ken Adams

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