E03: Dann Spader’s Story w/ Dave Patty and Mark Edwards

Dann-Spader-3Dann Spader founded Sonlife ministries while he was at Bible College because his professor challenged him to study the life of Jesus in order to find a template for how to disciple kids in his youth ministry. He did just that and applied what he learned from that study to his youth ministry in Chicago. This made such an impact that they named the youth group Sonlife. Jesus’ way of disciple making, the Son’s life served as the foundation for how they discipled youth.

As their efforts multiplied and other churches gained interest in what they were doing, they started Sonlife Ministries in order to train leaders around the world in disciple making based on a deep understanding of the life of Christ. Sonlife Ministries, and it’s international arm, Global Youth Initiatives have a presence in 111 countries. They are making a global impact. Here’s Dann on how Sonlife Ministries started:


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