Time Counts


I recently came across some very interesting numbers. Check this out! The average person spends 13 years of their life at work, 26 years sleeping, 4.5 years eating, 11 years looking at a screen, and only 1 year and 4 months exercising. Wow! Those statistics say a lot about the way we live our lives.

It appears to me that many of us need to make changes in what we choose to do with our time. Most people probably need more sleep, healthier eating habits, more consistent exercise, and a little less time looking at screens. Imagine what we could do with the time we waste zoning out on our phones.

Managing your life is a very big part of what it means to be a disciple. It really is an issue of stewardship. A steward is someone who manages something that belongs to someone else. As stewards, we are called to manage what God has given us in a way that glorifies and honors Him. My time certainly belongs to God, and how I manage it matters to Him.

I can choose to be more intentional with my time, or I can be passive with it. How I choose to use what I have been given is completely up to me. I can use it for good purposes, or I can waste it on things that don’t really matter.

One thing that is true for everyone: once you use your allotted time, you can never get it back. This is exactly why we need to be better managers. We need to live in such a way that we are making every minute count for God. Your time really does count.

As you think about the importance of being a better manager, let me remind you of why the way you use your time matters.

1. Eternity is impacted by how you use your time: Christians live with an eternal perspective. We know that what we do in this life can make a difference once we leave this earth. In light of eternity, we want make our time count.

2. Others are watching how we spend our time: Being a good time manager is a powerful witness to the world around you. When Christians manage their time in a healthy and godly way, non-Christians notice and might want to learn how to make similar choices. We need to manage our time because our witness matters.

3. You will have more peace with a well-managed life: When your life is mis-managed, you are more likely to feel avoidable stress. When you are stressed, you don’t have peace. Managing your time well actually allows you to make space for the things that matter to you. This space will provide you with more opportunities to experience rest and peace.

Imagine a world of disciples who are making every second count. This is just one of the reasons why Jesus told us to “make disciples of all nations.” If we are committed to making disciples, then we are filling the world with better managers.

By Ken Adams

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