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How Our Culture Disciples Us—Away from Jesus

Discipleship-First Friends,

The church is getting an urgent wakeup call. As a result, we need revival by the Spirit in Jesus-style disciple making. Nothing else will suffice, because more and more the culture at large is discipling Christians in America away from Jesus.

The question is not, “Are we Christians being discipled?

The question is, rather, “Who is discipling us?”

We at pray that more and more Christians start making disciples the way Jesus made disciples.

Two key summaries have come with the alarming statistics on the effectiveness of how our culture disciples people away from Jesus:

1. Pew Research Group Studies tell us the following.

  • There was a 12% decline those claiming to be Christians in the 10 years. 
  • Church attendance is down by over 7% in 10 years.
  • Only 49% of Millennials now identify as Christians.
  • Those who say they have “no religion” has grown to 30 million in ten years.

Click here to read the article

2. Barna Research Group Studies also tell us about the upcoming generations (Recent studies focused on Millennials and Gen Z)

Jesus-style disciple making and disciple making churches empowered by the Holy Spirit are the answer.

My friend Todd Wilson (CEO of Exponential) is joining with Ron Edmondson (CEO of Leadership Network) to look at the research from Pew. I encourage you to join the conversation to learn what the latest research means for you and your church. Click here to register.

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader,

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