New Free eBook: Beyond Accountability by Nate Larkin

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new FREE eBook from the eBook series: Beyond Accountability by Nate Larkin.

Download it here now.

Beyond Accountability: The Life-changing Power of Authentic Friendship tells an important story about pornography and sexual addiction.

It is a story that Christians, especially Christian leaders, need to hear. We need to hear it, because from knowing thousands of pastors through my work in the church on a national level, I believe it is a hidden epidemic in every church. Let me say it plainly: sexual addiction is rampant in the Church in this country and beyond!

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Nate’s story is about many of the men in our churches (young and old), and it’s the story of an increasing number of women in our churches. It is a hidden, invisible plague. In every church, there are disciples of Jesus who are trapped and desperately need help. They need wise disciple makers—authentic friends—who can guide them along a similar path to the one Nate describes.

Nate tells his story with honesty, grace, and truth. His story may be hard for some to hear, but please hear it. Listen empathetically, listen thoughtfully, listen with mental courage. Because:

  1. Most Christians will deal with their sexual sin in unhelpful and hurtful ways, as Nate describes.
  2. Most Christian leaders, when they try to help those with an addiction, do more damage than good, as Nate describes.

Nate Larkin is leading a track (along with Regi Campbell) at this year’s National Disciple Making Forum.

This is one of the largest gatherings of disciple makers in North America with 65+ workshops, 30+ speakers, and 10+ tracks. Join us to learn practical ways to make disciples of Jesus this November 9-10. Register for the 2017 National Disciple Making Forum here.

Christians and Christian leaders are trying to do the right thing, but most of us do not have a real-world understanding of sin, addiction, and recovery. We mean well, but our attempts are misguided. We need a real-world understanding of addiction and recovery. We need everyday disciple makers who have real-world knowledge to help people walk the path of recovery.

In this short book, Nate paints the path for us. You will find it eye-opening, frustrating, and perhaps even unsettling—then helpful, encouraging, and hopeful!

­Dr. Bobby Harrington
Pastor and Cofounder of

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