New Graphic – Jesus’ Discipleship Strategy

Discipleship-First Tribe,

Last week we promoted an illustration about Jesus-style disciple making. We had a graphic designer modify an image that we had seen, but we could not remember where we had first seen it. With no trademark on it, we just assumed that someone created it for generic, personal use. With that assumption, we changed the language and created a similar one.

Then we learned that the original was created by Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, Pete Scazzero, and his team.

We are emailing to let you know our mistake here, but also to give proper credit to them.

They were really gracious when they saw our mistake … but ….

At we are aggregators, so now that we know where the original graphic came from, we want to promote their original illustration and their organization.

At we seek to create various forms of media that help people with disciple making, and our goal is that people use them widely and keep attribution where it belongs. That’s what we are doing for Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

They have now put their copyright on the image (see below) and we’ve attached it here with their permission.

You can visit their website here.

So please note the graphic below for your use … and for promoting their wonderful disciple-making ministry:

For King Jesus,

Executive Director,

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