The Top Blog Post and Podcast Episode from Our Last 365 Days


We looked at our website analytics and found some disciple making gems for you! With the Forum next week, I wanted to remember some content highlights over the last year. So I’m sending you our most popular blog post and podcast episode from the last 365 days. (We looked at the greatest number of views and listens to determine the top content.)

Here they are!

Top Blog Post:

Discipling Millennials: Engaging the Next Generation with the Gospel” by Kennon Vaughan and Downline

We had a few runners up for the top blog that are worth mentioning:

Top Podcast Episode

S03 E04: Move From Religious Activity to Relational Investment” by Craig Etheredge and the discipleFIRST Ministries team

We also had a few runners up for the top podcast episode worth mentioning:

There you have them! I hope you enjoy these as thousands already have.

As always, you can subscribe to our podcast here and follow our blog here. We gather top content from participating organizations and from our network to deliver the best disciple making content to you. Our goal is to help you grow as a disciple maker.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next week in Nashville at the National Forum!

Written by Bobby Harrington


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