Discipleship as a Lifestyle


Discipleship is a hot topic for many Christians right now. It is the new “it,” the “new trend.” This makes me happy, but I believe that it is more than a trend. I believe that from the beginning it was God’s plan that discipleship would be at the core of what it means to be a Christian, follow the ways of Jesus, and function as a church.

I like to call it the discipleship lifestyle – which is both being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. The discipleship lifestyle is only for people who carry three core convictions (deep within).

-Trusting and following Jesus in all of his Grace and Truth is the greatest reality in the universe … the greatest passion in life is to pursue, treasure, and know God through Jesus.
-To be formed by Jesus is the best possible way to live … Jesus is our rightful King who molds us and show us how to be fully alive.
-Participating in Jesus’ kingdom mission is the opportunity of a life-time … serving Him makes an eternal difference and it results in the impact our hearts crave and for which we were created.

If you do not share these convictions with us, you probably won’t like talk about the discipleship lifestyle very much. If you do, great! We get to travel together on the discipleship journey.


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