The local church in America is realizing she needs Jesus-style disciple making. Leaders know they are in trouble without it. Jesus commanded it. And everyday Christians are increasingly expressing their need for it.

There already exists an unorganized group of men and women committed to this focus in America. They bleed for the cause of disciple making. They have started good efforts, but they have natural limitations. The dispersed movement needs a national voice, a rallying point. This is why will host the first ever National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville on Thursday and Friday, October 6-7, 2016.

The forum will bring together leading voices and practitioners from around the country. With God’s help, we seek to create a stronger and clearer voice. We will aggregate the best speakers and practitioners. We will collaborate and show how much more we can do together than we can do separately. We will forge a collaborative community. We will seek to be a rallying point for a national tribe of discipleship-first people.

Ten leading voices from around the country have already committed themselves to partner together. They are giving their resources to this gathering and rallying the people in their network to join it.

Bill Hull – leader of the Bonhoeffer Project

Jim Putman – leader of the Relational Discipleship Network

Randy Pope – leader of Life on Life Ministries

Robby Gallaty – leader of Replicate Ministries

Dann Spader – leader of Sonlife and Global Youth Initiative

Dave Buehring – leader of Lionshare Ministries

James Forlines – leader of Final Command Ministries

Kennon Vaughn – leader of Downline Ministries

Craig Etheredge – leader of DiscipleFIRST Ministries

David Delk – leader of Man in the Mirror

Robert Coleman – speaker, author, seminary professor, will be honored at this gathering. Bobby Harrington of will be guiding the two-day event which will feature three main sessions (forums) and 10 independent tracks (50 classes).

The two-day gathering will feature three main sessions (forums) and 10 independent tracks (50 classes). We will feature both inspiration and instruction. And everyone will be introduced to organizations that teach, guide, and coach leaders and everyday Christians in how discipleship works today.

Fires that have been stoked will get stronger. These fires will start other fires, as we pour even more gasoline on them. We hope these fires will help spread the flames and help ignite a disciple making movement that can change the church in America!

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