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On-Demand Access to the 2023 Disciple Making City Tour (Nashville)

Learn from disciple making experts like Thom Rainer, Gabe Lyons and more – for FREE!

Brandon Guindon

Intentionality in Disciple Making

Renée Sproles

Intentionality in Relationships

Thom Rainer

The State of The Evangelical Church

Gabe Lyons

Intentionally Discipling Thought Leaders

Anthony Walker

Why Men Need Discipleship

Chris Harper

How to Disciple Men

Rob Sweet

Leading a Church to Follow Jesus

Rob Rogers

Culture Change: From Management to Movement

Plus Q&A videos for all 8 sessions!

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Without intentionality and a clear plan,
your disciple making efforts will suffer.

“How do I develop a plan for those that I am discipling?”

“How do I provide a disciple making framework for the men in my church?”

“How do we reach lost people and get them in discipling relationships?”

Overcome all of these obstacles and more when you get FREE access to all 6 Main Stage Sessions.


Championing Jesus-style Disciple Making