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4 Mainstage Sessions!
4 Track Breakout Sessions


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Watch all four mainstage sessions of the 2024 National Disciple Making Forum!  Plus, get recordings of 4 track breakout sessions held on the main stage.

The National Disciple Making Forum in 2024 is focused on helping you and your team to create a Disciple Making Culture in your church or ministry. We will utilize the paradigm of culture creation described in Disciple Making Culture: The Basics in 10 Minutes or Less. We are also encouraging everyone at the forum to purchase a copy (in the lobby) of the book by Brandon Guindon, Disciple Making Culture.

The mainstage sessions follow the culture making paradigm.

Main Session/Forum 1

Introduction to the Disciple Making Culture Paradigm

Anthony Walker: The State of the U.S. Church and Creating a Disciple Making Culture
Sean McDowell: Intellectual Challenge of True Discipleship (The Battle for a Biblical Worldview)
Moderator: Bobby Harrington

Track Breakout Session 1

Discipling People in a Unified Mission

Christians are dividing over politics, culture, doctrine, and church mission. Jason and Daniel will discuss how we can disciple our people into Christian unity—and how we can unify our people around a discipleship mission.
Speakers: Jason Ishmael & Daniel McCoy

Main Session/Forum 2

Key Beliefs and Values in a Disciple Making Culture

Ashlee Catizon: Discipling People Into Radical Change (Repentance and True Discipleship)
Renée Sproles: Disciple Making Requires Relationship
Moderator: Bobby Harrington

Track Breakout Session 2

Discipling Same Sex Attractions

Many of us know and care about someone who identifies as gay or transgender. Do you know how to share the gospel in a way that upholds the Biblical sexual ethic while uplifting the love of Christ? Join Guy Hammond to explore one of the most important discipling topics today.
Speakers: Guy Hammond

Main Session/Forum 3

Practices and Behaviors in a Disciple Making Culture

Jason Shepperd: Our Disciple Making Practices at the Church Project
Shodankeh Johnson: Prioritize Practices and Disciplines
Moderator: Bobby Harrington

Track Breakout Session 3

Discipling People in Identity

One of the most important areas of our lives is to disciple people in identity. Anthony will share the key
components of helping people to see themselves through the lens of their salvation in Christ.
Speakers: Anthony Walker

Track Breakout Session 4

Discipleship and the Demonic

Many people have questions about spiritual warfare today. Shodankeh will share the realities of dealing with the
demonic, and how to be effective in that realm.
Speakers: Shodankeh Johnson

Main Session/Forum 4

Language and Narrative in a Disciple Making Culture

Brandon Guindon: Choose the Language of Disciple Making
Josh Howard: Transformative Disciple Making Narratives
Moderator: Bobby Harrington


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