Disciple Making Culture: 10 Minute eBook

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

This statement is attributed to the most influential management guru of our time, Peter Drucker, describes a reality church leaders must face in the pursuit of creating disciple making churches.

A disciple making church culture is what your church actually does in disciple making; strategy is your plans on paper. Unfortunately, while we have good intentions to make disciples, our strategy and church culture do not always line up. What Drucker meant by “culture eats strategy for breakfast” was that lasting change in an organization comes only when the culture of an organization changes. Applying this to church, if you do not change the culture of a church, the church will not change. Many leaders fail to account for this reality.

Read this 10 minute book – a visual summary – and share it with your leaders so everyone can better understand what it means to have a disciple making culture.

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Championing Jesus-style Disciple Making