E01: Bill Hull’s Story of Disciple Making

Bill-HullA few years ago, Bill Hull was trying to figure out how to make a lasting impact for disciple making as he moved toward the fourth quarter of his life. He wanted to pass on his message to someone younger who could take on his mantle and carry on his ministry. He serendipitously met a guy named Brandon Cook at an Anglican baptism of all events—neither of them were Anglican. That was their friendship, from which came The Bonhoeffer Project. We asked Bill how it all started with Brandon:

Bill Hull: “It started when I introduced myself to him that day–I think he was 29 years old–and I said, ‘Hello, I’m Bill Hull, and if you ever want to talk or have coffee, let me know.’ And he ignored me, because essentially, he had no idea who I was…

Listen to Bill and Brandon’s full story here:


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