Chasing the Wind

Run a relay to see who the first person can be to get their balloon from point A to point B. Line up everyone at point A and give each one a balloon. (Let them start to stretch it so it will be easier to blow up.) At the signal to go, each one (you may need to pair a younger child with a parent or older sibling) must blow up the balloon, then let it go. He must chase it to where it landed, blow it up, then let it go again. They must stand at the point where the balloon stopped to blow it up each time before letting it go. The first one to get their balloon across point B is the winner.

Ask: What was frustrating about chasing after your balloon? (You could never know where it would go; sometimes it went backward; etc.)

This week we began studying the book of Ecclesiastes, written by Solomon. He was a very wise man and he said that chasing the world’s things and ideas is like chasing the wind. (Ecclesiastes 1:17.) The world’s ideas are not always things we want to believe or follow. We find true meaning when we follow God’s plan in the Bible.

Build On The Best

Grab the blocks or Lego’s and build a house. Instruct the kids to start building with the roof. When you get blank stares, act puzzled. Isn’t that the best way to build a house? No! You have to start with the foundation. In order to build a strong house, you must have a sturdy base or it will topple over. (Demonstrate.) Start over and build a house with a strong foundation.

Some people think IF I have money, friends, good looks, or even get to make my own choices then my life will be happy. I will build my life on those things. Are those things enough to make you happy?

Solomon says NO! For a life to have meaning, there has to be a relationship with our creator, God. He gives life meaning; He made us and knows what will make us happy. He gave us His words in the Bible so we will know how to live. That is the way to a meaningful life.

The Best Gift

Play a game of musical gifts. Place small treats—pieces of candy, gum, trinkets, stickers, pencils, small toys, etc., inside a gift bag or box. (If you use a box, wrap the lid separately so it can be easily removed.) Gather everyone in a circle and pass the gift around as music is played. (Choose one person to turn their back to the others and start and stop the music randomly while the others pass the gift.) When the music stops, the one holding the gift may reach in and take out a small gift. Continue playing until all have had a chance to choose one gift or more.

What did you like about this game? It’s fun to get things, but the best gift we will ever receive is knowing Jesus. Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with God. The God Who created the world loves us and wants us to be with Him. He sent His only Son into the world so we could be with Him forever. Jesus was willing to give up His life and suffer the punishment for our sin so we could have a friendship with God. The greatest joy and meaning in life comes from having a relationship with God.

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