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  1. Thanks Bobby. I think your observations are right on target. I especially appreciate your second point that there are many advocates of discipleship but few who really practice it in their ministry and daily lives. I am one of those pastors who see the importance of shifting from the Sunday morning program focus to a consistent discipleship model. What I am looking for is practical help to turn my convictions into actions. Thank you for what you guys are doing to be a catalyst in helping others become disciple makers.

  2. Thanks for this important post. I apologize for my pedantic comment but I just find the thin line, ‘greyed’ font hard on the eyes to read–and I’m on a 4k monitor. Black is best.
    But I stuck with it because it’s worth reading.

  3. Good morning Bobby. May the Lord bless you for your discipleship teaching and focused. I conducted my first discipleship orientation yesterday. It was five people available for the orientation. Next week will be the first class. I will be drawing on everything you are sharing with me and other resources as well. Just wanted to say I am excited about this new beginning. I want to become a level 5 disciple maker. I will fast and pray and implement what I am learning everyday.

  4. I love the funnel/ world graphic – that is such a helpful way of picturing how so much of the Western church operates. It makes me pray that I will invest more deeply and effectively into others – who themselves will then go and live as disciple-making disciples of Jesus.

    Thanks Bobby for the work of!

  5. There is a lot of truth here in this article. Especially in the concern of many advocates yet few effective practitioners. Then the need for life on life practices in disciple Making. Our example being Christ Himself as described in John 3:22. The traditional church culture is pastor driven and yet Christ advocated a much grander scale of active reproducers in His command and demonstration of such. Then the book of Acts shows that first century church in surrendered obedience to the command; make disciples of all nations. All children of God were involved for that is the only way to account for the growth of the church recorded therein. Then they took the gospel to the whole known world inside of 70 years from the Day of Pentecost. Yet, what do we have today with all of our mega churches, missionaries, programs, resources and technology, not to mention the fact we have the full council ogf the word of God. Remember, they were still writing the New Testament. Today, on this planet we have a minimum of 4.5 Billion people who have never heard a redemptive word of Christ Jesus. That is my fault. If I do not believe that then I will never do anything to correct that. Jesus poored Himself into 12 men and commanded them and us to repeat His disciple making process, then to never stop until the end of the age. Matthew 28:16-20 This is His only plan to win this world and glorify His father! John 17:4, John 15:8 There is no plan B! My prayer is that you continue in this as I will also! Each of us one with Christ and the Father as well as each other. This is Christ’s prayer for us! John 17: 20-21

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