New Free eBook: Fill Your Seats by Regi Campbell

What would you say about a man who has Andy Stanley in his discipleship group?

Well, that is precisely what is happening in Regi Campbell’s Radical Mentoring Group this year. As the respected lead pastor of North Point Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy is regularly joining Regi as Regi mentors a group of men to learn about disciple making. A highly successful businessman turned disciple maker, Regi Campbell has personally discipled around 150 men.

He shares some of the key principles with you in a free eBook called Fill Your Seats.

Download the eBook Fill Your Seats

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Also, Regi and Radical Mentoring will be leading one of our tracks at the National Disciple Making Forum, which you can register for here.

Regi’s free eBook Fill Your Seats is packed with insights and challenging comments. You will get insights like the following:

  • Create curiosity so people learn about your group
  • Draw good people into discipleship
  • Look at disciple making through the eyes of outsiders
  • Understand what it really means to be a disciple
  • Raise the bar on expectations

I hope you will enjoy this book, along with the growing number of other free eBooks.


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