Top 3 Free eBooks in 2021 for Summer Reading


As the summer approaches, we wanted to share with you our top three free eBooks this year (by number of downloads so far in 2021). We hope you will enjoy reading these during your break this summer. They are listed in order, from the first most downloaded to the third most downloaded.

Becoming a Disciple Maker

This is the most popular downloaded eBook at, year-to-date, as well as all-time downloads, with approximately 7,000 total downloads. This eBook summarizes what it means to be a disciple maker who makes disciple makers. Here’s how this book will help you:

  • Learn how to think about making disciples and becoming a disciple maker
  • Understand the different levels of disciple making
  • Embrace your current profile and what it can become as a disciple maker

The Foundation of a Disciple Making Culture

This popular eBook was created by Justin Gravitt of the Navigators Church Ministries. It describes the basic elements that are foundational to disciple making. Here’s how this book will help you:

  • Learn practical tools for creating disciple making culture
  • Come to understand a foundational framework for building culture
  • Get practical insights on disciple making

Disciple Making Metrics

This eBook was written by Dann Spader, one of the most seasoned and experienced disciple makers nationally and internationally. He guides us to examine metrics that determine effectiveness in disciple making. Here’s how this book will help you:

  • Learn key disciple making metrics
  • Understand why measuring disciple making matters
  • Get a framework that you can use in your ministry or church

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