Update: 10 High Impact Weekly Webinars and a New Online Community


Dear Discipleship-first Friends,

We want to share with you some of our upcoming plans to help you and others become more effective disciple makers.

First, we have delayed our National Disciple Making Forums until 2021, and we plan to meet in person in Phoenix, Arizona, April 29th–30th and in Nashville, Tennessee, November 4th–5th.

We have exciting plans this fall, with our Holistic Disciple Making Intensives and our new Online Community.

Holistic Disciple Making: 10 Weekly Intensives

These high-impact, weekly webinars will start September 28th and will feature many of the nation’s leading

disciple-making practitioners to help you in your own disciple making:

  • Jim Putman—Relational Discipleship Network
  • Shadankeh Johnson—New Harvest and Renew.org
  • Drew Hyun—Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
  • David Young and Michelle Eagle—Renew.org
  • Steve Gladen—Saddleback, Small Group Network
  • Pete and Geri Scazzero—Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
  • Dann Spader—LikeJesus and Sonlife
  • Craig Etheridge—discipleFIRST
  • Dave Buehring—Lionshare
  • Justin Gravitt—Navigators Church Ministries
  • Steve McCoy—Small Circle

Each of these webinars will follow the 10 Affirmations of Discipleship.org, which form our DNA of Jesus-style disciple making. We will begin with the first one on Monday, September 28th. Look for more information next week on how to register!

Introduction: Why is Disciple Making Important today?

Week 1: How to Use Scripture in Disciple Making.

Week 2: Learn the difference between Disciple Making and Discipleship.

Week 3: How to Teach a Discipleship Gospel.

Week 4: What compels a person to be a disciple and make disciples?

Week 5: How to Make Disciples the Way Jesus Made Disciples.

Week 6: How Love Drives Disciple Making.

Week 7: What are Disciple Making Metrics?

Week 8: Experience the Spirit’s power in Disciple Making.

Week 9: How to Make Disciple Making the Core Mission of the Church.

Week 10: How Multiplying Disciple Makers fuels movements.

New Online Disciple Making Community

We are creating an online disciple making community. On September 28th we will introduce a free online community where you can join disciple-making conversations, webinars, seminars, Q&A times (every week), and discussion forums and groups.

We hope that we are creating a highly utilized online community that can be accessed by disciples easily and from anywhere in the world.

Initially, we plan to provide three engagement points for you each week within our online community.

  1. Our Discussion Forums Daily—we will seek to provide a forum for disciple making conversations and chats everyday with our new online community
  2. Our Q&A with Bobby and Discipleship.org partners—every Tuesday at 3 pm Central Time
  3. Our Holistic Disciple Making Intensives—webinars every Thursday at 10 am Central Time

As we head into the fall, we are looking to God to use Discipleship.org to transform many lives through people like you—and we are glad to be a part of your growth in Jesus-style disciple making.

I hope you will join us for all that we are doing.

For King Jesus,





Bobby Harrington

Point Leader, Discipleship.org


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