Book review by Bobby Harrington

The mission of Jesus was to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10) and Jesus’ method for accomplishing the mission was discipleship. Todd Wilson has written a signature eBook in the hope that it will get us talking and, in talking, to get us acting. We recommend this book to all readers of Todd believes that Jesus gave his disciples a mandate to “multiply” and “exponentially expand” his discipleship mission, but we have decided, instead, to be content with just adding more people to get bigger churches. The book is called Igniting a Culture of Multiplication and it kicks off the Exponential Networks emphasis for 2015.

“Addition” is the enemy of “multiplication.” If we are satisfied with adding people in our churches and getting bigger and bigger, then we will miss the genus of multiplication and sending people out to reach those who are lost without Jesus. Jesus called us to go and reach people. Igniting a Culture of Multiplication makes the case that we must become “more like Jesus” when we are willing to sacrifice to multiply and reach new people. The most sobering realization is described with these words: Any church that grows will eventually experience subtraction and die. They will be judged not by what they accumulated and kept, but by what they released and sent.” [page 15]. Download and read this free eBook – you will be glad that you did …

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