8 Stages of Disciples by Tony Marino


Ever since Greek philosophers, such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato trained their apprentices, leaders have long wanted to help their learners make progress – to evolve effectively. Part of that means helping the learner or student know where he or she stands and how he or she is coming along.

Robert Coleman’s “point-on” The Master Plan of Evangelism essentially and succinctly dissected Jesus’ life and then brought it back together again. He accurately identified eight stages Jesus used to make and to equip disciples.

We now discuss and summarize these eight stages.

Selection – People were His method.

Jesus believed that people should reach other people. He could have used an exclusive mix of miracles, or He could have brought everything to conclusion while on earth. Instead, Jesus chose common men and women like us to reach the world. This clearly demonstrates not only His love for us, but also His confidence in us.

Association – Jesus stayed with them.

With the first disciples, the essence of Jesus’ training meant just letting His disciples follow Him. He drew them close to Himself, becoming His own school and curriculum.

Consecration – He required obedience.

Jesus expected His disciples to obey Him. He did not require them to be smart, but He wanted them to be…click here to read full article.


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