To the Discipleship-First Community,

Disciple making is the greatest mission in the world. Yet it is also a tricky and sometimes difficult one. That’s why we should always look to those who have been doing it for a long time. They have much wisdom to offer.

Dawson Trotman founded the Navigators in 1933 with the single focus of disciple making. Since that time, the Navigators have learned a lot.

They will be sharing what they have learned at the National Disciple Making Forum October 25-26th, about which you can click here for more information.

Do you want to sample their teaching before the National Forum? Well, in this week’s webinar, Roy Fitzwater and Justin Gravitt, who lead the Navigators Church division, are going to share with us what the Navigators and they personally have learned. They will explain their process of training churches and the three outcomes it produces. In the process, we will get the benefit of their group’s eighty-give years of experience.

Join our webinar with these men from the Navigators, Thursday, September 27th at 1PM Central Time.


For King Jesus,

Executive Director,

P.S. Join us at the National Disciple Making Forum in October

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