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Disciple making is important for women. After all, they represent 60 percent of church goers in the U.S. That’s why we were honored to have Ariyana Rimson, Kandi Gallaty, Michelle Eagle, Shannon DeGarmo, and other women teaching at the most recent National Disciple Making Forum. Their track was called, “Women Discipling Women”. Download all the breakout sessions for this track for free by clicking here.

Downline Ministries Breakout Sessions: Track 9

  • 9.1: Discipling Your Children Through Trials
  • 9.2: FORUM: The Impact of Discipleship on a Woman’s Life
  • 9.3: Building a Reproducible Women’s Discipleship Group
  • 9.4: Women Disciple Makers — Leaders Making Disciples
  • 9.5: Discipling Women Through Evangelism
    *Some sessions from the Forum are not included in the audio download

Listen to these sessions now.

This ministry is one of 10 other disciple making organizations who facilitated tracks at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum. The organizations at this year’s Forum were discipleFIRST, Replicate Ministries, The Bonhoeffer Project, Man in the Mirror, Life On Life Ministries, Relational Discipleship Network, Sonlife Ministries, Lionshare, Downline Ministries, and Final Command Ministries.

Click here to get all the 2016 audio files for the breakout sessions of this track and other tracks (including breakout Forum audio).

Summary of Track: Women Discipling Women

Downline Ministries seeks “to encourage a restoration of biblical discipleship through the local church” in everything they do. Ariyana Rimson, having done significant work discipling women through Downline, leads this track about women discipling women.

In the first session, Shannon DeGarmo addresses issues related to discipling children, especially through trials. Session two is a Forum discussion with Ariyana Rimson, Michelle Eagle, Shannon DeGarmo, and Kandi Gallaty about the impact discipleship can have on a woman’s life. The third session is led by Kandi Gallaty, who discusses how women can reproduce discipleship groups with women.

The fourth session, delivered by Michelle Eagle, deals with the practical side of discipling female disciple makers. In the final session, Ariyana Rimson leads us into how to disciple women through evangelism.

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