Discipleship.org calls the church, her leaders, and everyday Christians back to Jesus’ method of disciple making. As our part of mission, we provide books and other resources. In 2016, we published three books that were part of the discipleship.org resource series (with Zondervan): Conversion and Discipleship (Bill Hull), Discipleship that Fits (Bobby Harrington and Alex Absalom), and More: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest (Todd Wilson). We are pleased to announce that all three books were “Resources of the Year” as determined by Outreach Magazine. In fact, Conversion and Discipleship was the resource of the year in discipleship and Discipleship that Fits was the first runner up.

Here is why you will want to read these books

Conversion and Discipleship (Hull). This is a very important book that seeks to provide a theology of disciple making. Drawing on decades of ministry with a focus on discipleship—which includes publishing over 20 books on discipleship—Bill Hull defines and frames the fundamental theological issues that leaders must understand and teach if they hope to develop long term and deep rooted disciple making practices.

discipleship-fits-galleryDiscipleship that Fits (Harrington/Absalom). This book shows that there is not one size that fits all when it comes to making disciples. Drawing upon both the ministry of Jesus and insights from sociology my co-author and I show how discipleship functions in different contexts. From “D-Groups” to “Small Groups” to “Missional Communities” we show you how you can best make disciples in each size group.

More: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest (Wilson). The author of this book is the founder and director of the Exponential Network (and co-founder of Discipleship.org) that helps everyday Christians see how God has called and gifted each of us to be disciples who make disciples. Wilson summarizes both the Bible and cumulative learning of the centuries to show us how we can serve God and make the biggest difference in the world. We are each uniquely gifted and called to serve God’s purposes in the world. This book wrecks us because it shows how we were made for so much more than we often think.

Looking ahead

We are so pleased to be able to work with leaders like Bill Hull, Todd Wilson, and Alex Absalom on these projects. Discipleship.org is a collaborative organization, seeking to aggregate the best resources on disciple making. God opened the doors for these resources. In 2017 we look forward to the continued impact of these books, along with our 2017 release of The Disciple Maker’s Handbook, our upcoming eBook releases, our upcoming online Disciple Maker Assessment tools, and most significantly, the National Disciple Making Forum in November (9th-10th) around our theme: “Disciple Maker.”

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