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The gospel of Jesus has amazing power to transform lives and go viral around the world. That message is what James Forlines and his team at Final Command Ministries champion. They hosted a track called “Viral Disciple Making Movements” at the most recent National Disciple Making Forum. All the audio for this track is available to you for free. We encourage you to download these powerful breakout sessions by clicking here.

Final Command Ministries Breakout Sessions: Track 10

  • 10.1: Disciple Making Movements: Revealing the Secret
  • 10.2: Millennials and Multipliers: Why We Are Seeing Millennials Reach Their Own Using Discovery
  • 10.3: Coaching Ordinary People to Become Extraordinary Disciple Multipliers
  • 10.4: Discipleship to Disciple Making: The Paradigm Shifts That Have to Happen in North America
  • 10.5: FORUM: How in the World Do Disciple Making Movements Go Viral?
    *Some sessions from the Forum are not included in the audio download

Listen to these sessions now.

This ministry is one of 10 other disciple making organizations who facilitated tracks at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum. The organizations at this year’s Forum were discipleFIRST, Replicate Ministries, The Bonhoeffer Project, Man in the Mirror, Life On Life Ministries, Relational Discipleship Network, Sonlife Ministries, Lionshare, Downline Ministries, and Final Command Ministries.

Click here to get all the 2016 audio files for the breakout sessions of this track and other tracks (including breakout Forum audio).

Summary of Track: Viral Disciple Making Movements

Final Command Ministries seeks to create environments where disciple making goes viral. They joined us for the most recent National Disciple Making Forum to accentuate the viral potential of disciple making. Having extensive experience in disciple making around the globe, Final Command brings an international lens through which Americans can better make disciples in North America and beyond.

In session one, Terry Neu “reveals the secret” of disciple making movements. Session two, led by Gordon Baines, deals with disciple making among millennials, specifically why we are seeing millennials reach their generation by using Discovery Bible Study method. In the third session, John King leads the group through how to coach ordinary people into becoming extraordinary disciple multipliers.

In the fourth session, Gary Jennings addresses the journey from discipleship to disciple making and other paradigm shifts that have to happen in North America. The final session is a Forum discussion concerning how disciple making movements can go viral. This session includes various members of the Final Command Ministries team.

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