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Bill Hull, Brandon Cook and The Bonhoeffer Project hosted the track called, “The Bonhoeffer Project” at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum.

Download all the breakout sessions for this track for free by clicking here.

The Bonhoeffer Project Breakout Sessions: Track 3

  • 3.1: Why Bother with Discipleship?
  • 3.2: The Gospel We Believe Determines the Kind of Disciple We Make
  • 3.3: The False Promise of Discipleship — Why Most Disciple Making Efforts Don’t Reproduce
  • 3.4: FORUM: How Churches Program Around the Wrong Questions and Perfectly Get the Results for Which They Programmed
  • 3.5: If You Have a Plan, You Don’t Intend to Do It
    *Some sessions from the Forum are not included in the audio download

Listen to these sessions now.

This ministry is one of 10 other disciple making organizations who facilitated tracks at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum. The other organizations include discipleFIRST, Replicate Ministries, Man in the Mirror, Life On Life Ministries, Relational Discipleship Network, Sonlife Ministries, Lionshare, Downline Ministries, and Final Command Ministries.

To download the audio files for each of these tracks, click here to get all the 2016 Breakout Session Audio (including the breakout Forum audio).

Summary of Track: The Bonhoeffer Project

This track is based on the primary goal of the Bonhoeffer Project, which “is to encourage each participant to become a disciple making leader. Once that decision has been made, then we provide the participant with the knowledge necessary to carry out a plan for making disciples who also will make disciples. The Bonhoeffer Project firmly believes that this is best done in a community of like-minded persons—that is why the project itself is a community.”

The Bonhoeffer Project emphasizes the importance of intentionality in the discipleship process. This comes out both in this track and through their cohorts. These cohorts involve about ten people who spend a year reading, talking, and practicing discipleship. They meet about one time a month to live their lives together during that time.

This track includes an important session called, “The Gospel We Believe Determines the Kind of Disciple We Make.” This track, facilitated by Brandon Cook, focuses on the importance of understanding the Kingdom Gospel. Cook says,

How does the average person in our church or ministry actually get transformed? Here’s a huge assumption in the American church: that information leads to transformation. How does that assumption play out in the lives of the American Church?

The assumption is that if we just hear enough sermons, if we read enough books, if we go to enough conferences, somehow we’re going to get enough information within us and boom we’re going to have transformation.

I’m all for information, I’m all for accountability (I don’t think you can have discipleship without Bible study and without accountability), but what I have watched over and over again with my peers is that I am now an anomaly among my peers. Not only have I not left my faith, but I’m still in and of the church. Most all of my peers have left. So what’s off?

Might it be that in our base-line assumptions about how transformation happens, we don’t have the full picture or the full story?

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