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We all know that many churches talk about discipleship, but few have actually made Biblical discipleship their core mission. Fortunately, more and more pastors and church leaders are thinking about this issue and have a strong desire to learn more about how to change the culture of their churches so that we don’t just TALK about discipleship, but start to LIVE the way Jesus modeled disciple making. This is why Discipleship.org has created the opportunity for you to join the discussion in our 2016 Discipleship Learning Community. Click the link below to learn more.

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Watch Francis Chan on the Bible: A Free Discipleship Forum Session

Watch Francis Chan, Jeff Vanderstelt, Jim Putman, Bill Hull, and KP Yohanan talk about using the Bible in Discipleship.

New Book!

New Book!

Discipleship That Fits shows you the five key ways discipleship occurs. It looks at how Jesus made disciples and how disciples were formed in the early church. Each of the contexts is necessary at different times and in different ways as a person grows toward maturity in Christ:

-Public Relationships: The church gathering corporately for worship
-Social Relationships: Networks of smaller relationships where we engage in mission and live out our faith in community
-Personal Relationships: Small groups of six to sixteen people where we challenge and encourage one another on a regular basis
-Transparent Relationships: Close relationships of three to four where we share intimate details of our lives for accountability
-The Divine Relationship: Our relationship with Jesus Christ where we grow through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit

Filled with examples and stories, Alex and Bobby show you how to develop discipleship practices in each relational context by sharing how Jesus did it, how the early church practiced it, and how churches are successfully discipling people today.

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