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2016 Forum Audio: Free Downloads

After 10 disciple making organizations gathered in one place, we collected the audio from the Breakout Sessions. The audio is available here for download for free.

The Disciple Maker Assessment

Sign up now to be among the first to take the online Disciple Maker Assessment when it's released! This assessment tool will measure five stages or levels. Every Christian will tend to fit into one of the five disciple maker profiles.

The Disciple Maker’s Podcast

The Disciple Maker’s Podcast exists to tell stories about disciples of Jesus who are effectively making disciples in North America (and beyond). Discipleship.org, who produces the podcast, exists to Champion Jesus’ way of disciple making.

Blogs from Leading Disciple Makers

Read articles by disciple making leaders around the country for best practices in discipleship. Access these articles to learn practical ways to make personal discipling a core part of your life.

Bobby's Blog

Get updates from Bobby about what he's processing and passionate about in discipleship. This includes everything from blogs to book reviews.

Discipleship.org Book Series

We've compiled a list of some of the most recent and relevant discipleship books being published right now by thought leaders in disciple making. Click here to see the list and grow in your disciple making efforts.

About Discipleship.org

About Discipleship.org

We are a collaborative community of men and women committed to the discipleship lifestyle – being disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. Discipleship.org brings together and promotes leading voices, resources, and actionable content on discipleship. With the input and partnership of voices like Jim Putman, Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Francis Chan, KP Yohannan, Alan Hirsch, and Jeff Vanderstelt, among others, we have identified seven key elements of a discipleship lifestyle as a framework. We seek to move people convinced about discipleship into this framework and out into effective practice. Discipleship.org champions simple, reproducible practices that make discipleship a practical reality.

What is Discipleship?

Seven elements of the discipleship lifestyle

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