Championing Jesus' way of disciplemaking Forum

October 6-7, 2014 | Saddleback Church | Orange County Los Angeles. In partnership with the Exponential Conference.

The forum will include 6 discipleship leaders on the stage together in a living room type environment, talking about discipleship, and learning from one another. Each of the six sessions will begin with a 12 minute presentation by one of the leading voices on discipleship, followed by 48 minutes of discussion, give and take, and encouragement. The discussion will revolve around the six elements of a discipleship lifestyle.

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Discipleship is a lifestyle ... it is helping people to form their lives around Jesus as Lord. aggregates and promotes leading voices, resources, and actionable content on discipleship. With the input and partnership of voices like Jim Putman, Robert Coleman, Alan Hirsch, Bill Hull, Bobby Harrington, and Robby Gallaty (among others), we have identified the key elements of discipleship as a framework. We move people convinced about discipleship into this framework and out to effective practice. We champion simple, reproducible practices that make discipleship a practical reality.

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Free E-Book

Download this free eBook.  It will help understand and apply the elements of a discipleship lifestyle.  These principles can be utilized to make discipleship a reality for a parent with her child, a friend with a non-Christian co-worker, a youth minister with his students, a pastor with the small groups in his church,etc.,. Our goal is to move people beyond convictions about discipleship into the key elements of a practical discipleship framework and out into effective practice.  We want to give you actionable content and inspire the simplest and most reproducible practices that make discipleship an everyday reality.

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